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Why did consistency matter when building a large payments system? Data in the system needed to be consistent. But just how consistent? For some parts of the system, only strongly consistent data would do. For example, knowing if a payment has been initiated is something that needed to be stored in a strongly consistent way. For other parts, that were less mission-critical, eventual consistency is something that was considered as a reasonable tradeoff. A good example is listing recent transactions: these could be implemented with eventual consistency (meaning, the latest transaction might only show up in parts of the system after a while - in return, the operation will be return with lower latency or be less resource intensive).

Why did consistency matter when building a large payments system?

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means that once data is successfully added to a data store, it will be available going forward. This will be the case even if nodes in the system go offline, crash or have their data corrupted.

Different distributed databases have different levels of durability. Some support machine/node level durability, some do this at cluster level and some just don't provide it out of the box. Some form of replication is usually used to increase durability - if the data is stored on multiple nodes, if one or more nodes go down, the data will still be available. Modal Scarf Sedona Rose by VIDA VIDA Finishline Online Sale Shopping Online Discount Best Buy Cheap Very Cheap amIsmNyae
on why achieving durability in distributed systems can be challenging.

Why did data durability matter when building a payments system? For many parts of the system, no data could be lost, given this being something critical, like payments. The distributed data stores we built on needed to support cluster level data durability - so even if instances would crash, completed transactions would persist. These days, most distributed data storage services, like Cassandra, MongoDB, HDFS or Dynamodb all support durability at various levels and can be all configured to provide cluster level durability.

Why did data durability matter when building a payments system?

Nodes in distributed systems perform computations, store data and send messages to each other. A key characteristic of sending messages is how reliably these messages arrive. For mission-critical systems, there is often a need for having zero messages being lost.

For distributed systems, messaging is usually done by some distributed messaging service, such as RabbitMQ, Kafka or others. These messaging services can support (or be configured to support) different levels of reliability in delivering messages.

Message persistence means that when some failure happens on a node that is processing the message, the message will still be there to process after the failure is resolved. Message durability is usually used at message queue level. With a durable message queue, if the queue (or node) goes offline when the message is sent, it will still get the message when it comes back online. An good article to read more on this topic is 2pack Womenamp;aposs Ankle Socks Bamboo White HEMA Cheapest Price 7wAs5w

Static storage duration variables with constant initializers avoid hard-to-find bugs caused by the indeterminate order of dynamic initialization. They can also be safely used during dynamic initialization across translation units.

This attribute acts as a compile time assertion that the requirements for constant initialization have been met. Since these requirements change between dialects and have subtle pitfalls it’s important to fail fast instead of silently falling back on dynamic initialization.

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The attribute allows you to specify a specific section a global variable or function should be in after translation.

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The attribute marks a parameter of a function as having the special context-parameter ABI treatment.

This treatment generally passes the context value in a special register which is normally callee-preserved.

A parameter must either be the last parameter or must be followed by a parameter (which itself must always be the last parameter).

A context parameter must have pointer or reference type.

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The attribute marks a parameter of a function as having the special error-result ABI treatment.

This treatment generally passes the underlying error value in and out of the function through a special register which is normally callee-preserved. This is modeled in C by pretending that the register is addressable memory:

A parameter must be the last parameter, and it must be preceded by a parameter.

A parameter must have type or for some type T. Note that no qualifiers are permitted on the intermediate level.

It is undefined behavior if the caller does not pass a pointer or reference to a valid object.

The standard convention is that the error value itself (that is, the value stored in the apparent argument) will be null upon function entry, but this is not enforced by the ABI.

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The attribute marks a parameter of a function as having the special indirect-result ABI treatment.

This treatment gives the parameter the target’s normal indirect-result ABI treatment, which may involve passing it differently from an ordinary parameter. However, only the first indirect result will receive this treatment. Furthermore, low-level lowering may decide that a direct result must be returned indirectly; if so, this will take priority over the parameters.

A parameter must either be the first parameter or follow another parameter.

A parameter must have type or for some object type . If is a complete type at the point of definition of a function, it is undefined behavior if the argument value does not point to storage of adequate size and alignment for a value of type .

Making indirect results explicit in the signature allows C functions to directly construct objects into them without relying on language optimizations like C++’s named return value optimization (NRVO).

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The attribute indicates that a function should be called using the Swift calling convention for a function or function pointer.

The lowering for the Swift calling convention, as described by the Swift ABI documentation, occurs in multiple phases. The first, “high-level” phase breaks down the formal parameters and results into innately direct and indirect components, adds implicit paraameters for the generic signature, and assigns the context and error ABI treatments to parameters where applicable. The second phase breaks down the direct parameters and results from the first phase and assigns them to registers or the stack. The convention only handles this second phase of lowering; the C function type must accurately reflect the results of the first phase, as follows:

does not support variadic arguments or unprototyped functions.

The parameter ABI treatment attributes are aspects of the function type. A function type which which applies an ABI treatment attribute to a parameter is a different type from an otherwise-identical function type that does not. A single parameter may not have multiple ABI treatment attributes.

Support for this feature is target-dependent, although it should be supported on every target that Swift supports. Query for this support with . This implies support for the , , and attributes.

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The attribute declares a variable with thread local storage. It is available under the flag for MSVC compatibility. See the documentation for __declspec(thread) on MSDN.

In Clang, is generally equivalent in functionality to the GNU keyword. The variable must not have a destructor and must have a constant initializer, if any. The attribute only applies to variables declared with static storage duration, such as globals, class static data members, and static locals.

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The attribute allows you to specify which thread-local storage model to use. It accepts the following strings:

TLS models are mutually exclusive.

The trivial_abi attribute can be applied to a C++ class, struct, or union. It instructs the compiler to pass and return the type using the C ABI for the underlying type when the type would otherwise be considered non-trivial for the purpose of calls. A class annotated with trivial_abi can have non-trivial destructors or copy/move constructors without automatically becoming non-trivial for the purposes of calls. For example:

Download citation file:

© 2018 Oxford University Press

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Hypertension, which is characterized by multiple alterations in the structure and function of the cell membrane, is often associated with important metabolic abnormalities including those concerning lipid metabolism. Dyslipidemia accompanying essential hypertension consists of elevated plasma triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol, and increased levels of atherogenic LDL cholesterol particles. The altered membrane microviscosity seen in hypertensive subjects reflects the changes of membrane lipid composition resulting from intensive exchange between circulating and membrane lipids, as well as from abnormal cellular lipid synthesis and metabolism. The changes of membrane microviscosity are known to modulate the activity of proteins involved in ion transport, signal transduction, cell Ca 2+ handling, intracellular pH regulation, etc. Alterations in plasma or membrane lipids are indeed closely associated with ion transport abnormalities as well as with impaired control of cytosolic Ca 2+ and pH in various forms of hypertension in both humans and rats. Such lipid-dependent modifications of membrane properties in cells participating in the cardiovascular regulation might be a part of pathogenetic mechanisms responsible for chronic blood pressure elevation. Thus nutritional and pharmacologic interventions aiming to normalize abnormal lipid metabolism could be useful for amelioration of membrane abnormalities and lowering of high blood pressure. Future studies of functional membrane alterations in hypertension or dyslipidemia will therefore require the detailed determination of membrane lipid composition and the measurement of microviscosity in particular membrane domains. Am J Hypertens 1999;12:315–331 © 1999 American Journal of Hypertension, Ltd.

, , , , , , , , ,
Issue Section:

There is no doubt that essential hypertension is associated with multiple membrane alterations, including changes in membrane microviscosity, receptor function, signal transduction, ion transport, calcium mobilization, intracellular pH regulation, and so on. Lipids, as an integral part of the cell membrane, play a decisive role in the modulation of the membrane properties mentioned. Specific lipid-lipid and lipid-protein interactions result in a highly dynamic but precisely controlled architecture of membrane components. Major regulators of membrane architecture are membrane potential, intracellular Ca 2+ and pH, lipid composition, cell-to-cell contact, and membrane coupling with the cytoskeleton or extracellular matrix. Intermolecular associations in the membrane and at the membrane-cytoskeleton interface are further selectively controlled by specific phosphorylation and dephosphorylation cascades involving both proteins and lipids. This is regulated by the extracellular matrix as well as by the binding of growth factors and hormones to their specific receptors. 1 , 2

The postoperative period was uneventful, and the patient was discharged on the sixth postoperative day with both babies, which were in good health and on breast milk. The follow-up showed no abnormalities.

In a twin heterotopic pregnancy, the chance that both children are carried to term and survive the neonatal period is very low: Reece et al . ( Reece et al ., 1983 ) identified 13 cases in 589 reports from the world literature where this condition is described.

The diagnosis of an abdominal pregnancy is even more complicated than that of a heterotopic pregnancy with one embryo located in the Fallopian tube. Disappointing results were shown in a study ( Martin et al ., 1988 ), who reported on 15 cases of abdominal pregnancies. This is confirmed by others ( Ali et al ., 1981 ; Brown et al ., 1984 ). The most important problem is that the sonographer has to be aware of the possibility of an advanced abdominal pregnancy. One has to identify the uterus and the fetal head, which is outside the uterine cavity. Sonography is also helpful in that, from a lateral projection, the fetal skull may overlie the maternal spine. Fetal malpresentation as transverse lie, the identification of an oligohydramnion ( Cartwright et al ., 1986 ; Moessinger, 1986 ) and malformations ( Tan et al ., 1971 ) should, especially when occurring in combination, arouse suspicion. Hysterography was found to be the most helpful test in making the diagnosis of an abdominal pregnancy ( Martin et al ., 1988 ). Also helpful seem to be a radiograph of the maternal abdomen and pelvic area, especially from a lateral view, which can demonstrate small fetal parts in the maternal abdomen, in an abnormal relationship to the expected normal position.

Other diagnostic tools are the lack of myometrial response to oxytocin stimulation ( Chessin and Zussman, 1954 ). Because amniotic fluid may be transferred in larger amounts to the maternal circulation, the measurement of an abnormal high maternal serum α-fetoprotein should also raise the differential diagnosis of an abdominal pregnancy ( Tromans et al ., 1984 ).

The condition described here, i.e. a surviving ectopic tubal pregnancy, is rare but also described in the literature for isolated ectopic pregnancies ( Kranzfelder et al ., 1988 ), and also for abdominal pregnancies even after diagnosis is made in the second trimester ( Bassil et al ., 1991 ). However, it is not higher than 10.6% ( Vesicka, 1956 ) when reviewing 435 cases. This case shows an additional risk factor for heterotopic pregnancies, apart from tubal damage and assisted reproductive treatment, which is multiparity. In addition, as the incidence of twinning is higher in Africa than in Europe, Asia and America, the incidence of heterotopic pregnancy in Africa might also be higher (Bulmer, 1960), though less frequently reported. The highest rate of ectopic pregnancies in non-Caucasian women were reported ( Maymon et al ., 1992 ).

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